Welcome to the Córdoba Essence

According to the Spanish RAE (Royal Academy of the Spanish Language), essence is that which constitutes the nature of things, the permanent and invariable of them. It is also the most important and characteristic of a thing or a liquid perfume with high concentration of the substance or aromatic substances.

Being essence of something, means also to be precise, indispensable, an inseparable condition of something.

These definitions describe perfectly what Esencia Califal and its Extra Virgin Olive Oils constitute, which have been exquisitely selected from the olive groves that run from north to south throughout the province of Córdoba. Essence of the land carefully bottled so you can taste it in your home, seasoning your recipes and enjoying the flavour, texture and aroma of Córdoba in each of our varieties.

With our wide range of Organic, Enriched and Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oils we provide you this showcase which from today becomes also a meeting point where we will reveal secrets, curiosities, benefits, tricks, recipes and all the news related to this liquid gold of unique flavour and special aroma.

Esencia Califal will add an extra touch to your meals with the exquisite selection of oils from each campaign. Try our options and select to create the perfect pairing with each of your ingredients. Those like our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from 100% certified organic crops, the Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or our Chilli Naturally Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil will become a must at your kitchen.

From today, give essence to your dishes, give essence to your kitchen, enjoy the essence of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Cordoba in your home.

Welcome to Esencia Califal

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