We are wild of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Convinced that EVOO is a super food, a source of health, a way of understanding life and an essential ingredient for a healthier, longer and more fulfilling life, that will allow you to cook in a way as healthy and tasty as that chef you have inside, or would be.


Our oils come from a strict selection of the olives which have been best grown each year in the entire Córdoba’s Countryside. Our experts travel every inch of our province looking for those olives in their best time and conditions to be milled.


We can adapt to you and your needs. Choose from our wide range of oils those which best suit to your diet, either if it is more or less caloric, or according to the time of your life in which you are: growth, pregnancy, maintenance… from aromatized oils to flavour your dishes, enriched, for an extra supply of vitamin E and Omega 3, to organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils… Try them and you’ll repeat.


Our company is highly committed to the Environmental sustainability. We live by and for the countryside, in pursuit of an organic agriculture that provides us with health and well-being, while making us enjoy this landscape as unique as that of Córdoba.


We are duly recognised and certified by the best organizations, such as CAAE (Andalusian Committee of Organic Agriculture), FDA for USA exportations, and IFS certifications (currently in the implementation phase).