Andalucía day: 3 recipes with EVOO

Mediterranean Diet is a healthy eating plan based on the ingredients of local agriculture in countries with a Mediterranean climate and how they are made. In it, olive oil is the main source of added fat, promoting its consumption against other types of oil or butter.

This diet is made up by the traditional and typical recipes of the Mediterranean area, which today are part of a healthy lifestyle and does not stop gaining followers.

In Andalucía we are very committed to the Mediterranean diet, since our gastronomy has always been characterized by the consumption of meals based on foods of vegetable origin and monounsaturated fats compared to red meats or sweets.

That is why, in commemoration of the Andalucía Day, we gather in this blog some of the typical recipes of our region in which olive oil cannot be missed. We will start this day by having the miller’s breakfast, after that you can enjoy our typical Córdoba salmorejo, and finally finish with a seasonal vegetable scramble.

To achieve a unique flavour and a special aroma in these preparations, we indicate which of our oils is the most appropriate. In addition, it is important to use seasonal foods, giving priority to local products, where respecting the environment is also a goal. You’ll notice in the result!

Miller’s Breakfast

In origin, miller’s breakfast was made of toasted bread, oil and olives, accompanied by a coffee pot and some split olives from which were made in the mill itself. Nowadays, other traditional foods such as ham or grated tomato have been added to this so typical dish of Andalucía.

Miller breakfast is based on two fundamental pillars: the bread, which should preferably be whole-grain or with flours as less refined as possible; and the oil, which must certainly be Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In this case we recommend our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an exclusive high-quality olive juice which will give your miller’s breakfast the flavour of all the Córdoba’s Countryside aromas. And, if you like this classic recipe but want to give it a special touch, add our Natural Chilli Flavoured EVOO, you will be really surprised!

Córdoba’s Salmorejo

If we ask beyond the Despeñaperros’s gorge which is the first typical Andalusian meal, it is very likely that most of the answers are “salmorejo”. This is one of the most popular elaborations of the Mediterranean diet and, in particular, of Andalucía. The reason? Its ingredients make it an extremely healthy dish, easy to prepare, suitable for vegan diets, economic and delicious!

To prepare it, you will only need Extra Virgin Olive Oil, bread, tomatoes, garlic and salt; ingredients that are going to be crushed and mixed until you get a creamy and thick result with the perfect texture. Following the traditional recipe, we must finish by adding cooked eggs and chopped serrano ham, as well as a few more drops of EVOO.

The qualities and freshness of our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil make it ideal for preparing an authentic Cordoba’s Salmorejo, as it comes from olives grown in the olive grove of the Cordoba’s Countryside next to the Guadalquivir River. No pesticides or chemical products have been used for this olive oil processing and production, so we maintain our constant commitment to the environment.

Vegetable Scramble

We do recommend to prepare this recipe with fresh seasonal vegetables with which you will enjoy the flavours and aromas of each season. Do not forget trying to buy these vegetables in your neighbourhood’s stores, where traceability of organic products use to be always guaranteed.

Onion, red pepper, mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, beans, asparagus… The proportions and varieties depend on your tastes, so the possibilities are endless.

To achieve the best result, it is recommended firstly to give the vegetables a slight boil or steam them. Once softened and well drained, sauté them on fire with EVOO for a couple of minutes and add a beaten egg, then make it scrambled.

For this preparation, you cannot miss our Natural Garlic Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which stands out for being a very pleasant and succulent seasoning to the palate. With it you will raise the culinary value of your scrambled vegetables and get an original and personalized touch that will surprise your guests with touches of great chef.

Enjoy Andalucía Day in family with these unique and lots of flavour recipes!

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